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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Signs of Spring -- Tournaments.

Chaplains at Altru Health System do weekday one-minute devotionals which can be accessed by calling 701-780-3300.  I’m doing mine on “Signs of Spring” during the week of February 25 to March 1.  The third one is below. 


Take a moment to pauses and reflect …

            About Spring.  The signs of spring, like the grey snow which will eventually give way to green grass.  Seed catalogs.  And, today, the sign of spring is basketball tournaments.  Yes, basketball.

            Maybe you are a big “March Madness” fan, the college basketball tournament.  But, I am referring to where real basketball is played – in high school, where no one has big contracts and players play because they love the game or their community.  And where fans cheer even if their team is constantly losing. 

            The basketball tournaments point to the end of the indoor season and of winter.  Once the tournaments track and baseball are played in and around the mud of spring.  Many players, or even fans, regret the end of the tournament.  That escitement is hard to beat.  But that joy ending just leaves room for another to start.  Golf, anyone?

            The sports seasons, just like the seasons of the year, remind us of the constant change of life.  One activity is completed, but another begins.  Our children leave home and then we greet grandchildren.  Seasons, all unique, come to each of us.  Though we might have a favorite, each season is special and brings something new to enjoy along with a challenge or two.  Embrace the change; embrace the seasons with joy.

            Let us pray, “God thank-you for spring, but also for summer and winter and fall.  Thank-you for youth and middle age and childhood and retirement.  Help us to discover the joy of each season of life.  In your name.  Amen.”

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