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Thursday, October 6, 2016


Time is a funny thing.  Something you are going to do tomorrow, becomes next week and then next year.  It's now next year.

I haven't posted in this blog for over a year.  My job changed and I moved (though not so far).  And, instead of being a "Hospice Chaplain" I am now a "Chaplain Manager." 

So, here's a new post.  But who will read it? 

Isn't that one reason many things in our lives fall by the wayside?  We wait for a while and then enough time goes by that we wonder, "Does it even matter anymore?"  I meant to send that thank-you note, but now it is so much later -- so won't it seem strange?

There are a couple of lessons for me to learn.

First, if something is valuable, do it now.  I like to write.  If for no other reason, that should get me to blog.  If you (assuming there is a "you" out there) happen to read it, so much the better.

Second, let's try to avoid "decision by neglect."  I had a stack of papers on my desk which I thought I should do something about, but decided to do that something another day.  Recently I threw almost all of them away.  Any that might have been interesting were past. 

I probably sound like I'm talking about blogs or paperwork or mail.  Try applying this to our relationships.  If something is valuable, do it now.  It's not hard to think about the words we should have said to another person.  Or how about decision by neglect.  I meant to do something.  But eventually the friendship just goes away or our marriage gets weaker not because of anything we've actually decided but because the decision was made by our neglect.  Ouch.

Anyway, if anyone is reading, thanks.  Expect to hear more from me in the coming days.  You may not need it, but I do.