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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SIgns of Spring -- Seed Catalogs

                 The Chaplains at Altru Health System record a one minute devotional each weekday which can be accessed at 701-780-3300.  Below is the second of my week’s worth of “Signs of Spring” for the week of February 25-March 1.
Take a moment to pause and reflect …

                About  Spring.  About the signs of spring.  What makes us think about spring. 

               That grey snow reminds us winter is ending and the green grass will poke through.  And that reminds me of another sign of spring.  Seed catalogs.  As the snow melts gardener’s minds turn to putting seeds into the ground.  My mom always looked through those catalogs and bought tomato, and other  seeds to plant in her greenhouse long before the snow actually melted or the ground was warm enough to plant. 

                I think that is called expectation.

                So the seed catalogs tell a promise of spring and hope for a harvest.

                No concept is more basic to life than sowing and reaping.  Plant something, and it grows.  To harvest, you must first plant.  And you cannot harvest tomatoes by only planting turnups. 

                As you look forward to spring, or to the next season in your life, what are you picking out to plant?  Azaleas for the flower bed, carrots and tomatoes for the garden, and maybe some gratitude and forgiveness in your personal life?  What you plant, you will harvest.  Pick out something good from the seed catalog.  It is winter, but spring is coming!

                Let us pray: “God, as we look to plant our gardens, we ask you to plant good things in our lives.  Help us to choose good things to plant.  In your name.  Amen.”

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