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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Word for the Day (Advent)

            Today’s Word:  Balance.

            Do you ever watch gymnastics?  Perhaps you (like me) watch the gymnasts when the Olympics come around.  Or, maybe, you have a child who does gymnastics or did so yourself.
            The sheer athletic ability is what impresses me.  I see a man do the “iron cross” on the rings and I am amazed at the strength needed.  But I see how that is done.  Or when I see a petite woman/girl do a twisting, turning vault it’s fantastic.  But I see how they accomplish it. 
            The balance beam is another thing.  Here is a four inch piece of wood, which most of us would have trouble just standing upon, and this athlete is jumping and running and landing back on her feet.  It looks like torture to land like that and dangerous if you miss even a little bit. The incredible balance needed is unbelievable. 
            Hey life takes balance too.
            Even our bodies need the right balance of chemicals and nutrients.  If we have too much of one thing and not enough of another we can get sick.  We could die. 
            But I’m no doctor.  And this is a word during our season of “Advent” which means “coming.”  For Christians it is the time they think of Christ’s first coming.  And it’s a sign that the Christmas holiday is soon upon us.
            Does anyone need a little balance in their Christmas?  I sure do.
            I like candy divinity, good leftover ham sandwiches and lots of the things my wife Betty dreams up to make.  But I need to find a balance between enjoying those wonderful goodies and eating “well.”  If I overdo, the “stuffed” feeling and the sleepy fog in my head after overeating takes the fun away.  Balance.
            There’s lots of places balance is important.  We need to balance our time between being with our family or friends and being alone and quiet.  We need balance between our time of celebration and quiet visiting.  I even need to seek the right balance between time off and work – either extreme isn’t good.
            How would you end the following sentence?  “During Christmas I have just too much …. “   Or maybe the opposite, “During Christmas I just don’t have enough of … “  If there is something in your life which is just overdone, make your goal to bring balance right there.  If something isn’t present enough, balance might require some addition. 
            Human beings don’t do well with extremes.  We need balance physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationally.  Just like the poor young lady who falls off the balance beam, losing our balance in life can hurt.  Let’s do what we can to avoid that.  

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